More than a minute at 140 miles an hour! Imagine free falling like a formula one racing car! Absolutely breath-taking …
Followed by silence: your parachute opens, amazing bird’s eye views unfold of the most amazing spots in Morocco.
A gentle approach to landing, and back on terra firma, with only one wish: Again!

First flight (tandem)

  • The best initiation to skydiving in absolute safety. After a 15 minute technical brief, your instructor will provide you with a specialized harness and you board your plane.
    Climbing to jump altitude, enjoy 10 to 15 minutes of bird’s eye view of the High Atlas.
    At the top of your flight, you are now harnessed to your instructor and ready to freefall.
    Open your eyes and experience and amazing rush of sights, sounds and sensations.
  • Everyone 15 years and holder, under 200lbs
  • Half day excursion
  • Access Beni Mellal
  • Health Certificate Compulsory
  • Supervised by State Patented Monitor and/or profesional skydriver
  • Runs january to april
  • Video Option : You are filmed throughout the experience as you leave the plane, skydive and fly down by an onboard HD camera.

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From 225€/person  

Internship and PAC formation

  • Our free falling school in Morocco is a profesionnal french school certified by the FFP (French Federation of free falling).
    The PAC (An accompanied progression in free falling) – 7 jumps
    This formation aims to allow you to be jump on your own
    You will do your jumps with experts by your side to assure your safety and communiquate you the bases of solo jumps.
    You will realize at least 6 accompagnied jumps and the 7th would be on your own.
    A theorecital formation complete this internship in order to discuss all the parameters necessary to realize a perfect jump (equipement, during the jump, safety measures.
    With your cameras, your instructors will always do a briefing before your jumps.
    Possibility to go back with your images (Need to provide a USB device).
  • For everyone – from 15 years old
  • Minimal lenghts : 5 complete days
  • Location : Beni Mellal
  • Doctor’s note mendatory
  • Coordination : instructors with a certified by a French Brevet d’Etat and/or professional sky diver
  • When ? From January to April
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