Piloting 4×4 class in Morocco

The 4×4 Raid in Morocco by Evolution 2 ? A mastered adventure … !

Piloting your 4×4 go to discover a unique experience of discovery, freedom and adrenaline rush on the most beautiful tracks of South Morocco in complete serenity !

 A professional team ready to share their passion and their knowledge of the visited territories with you !

  A technical and learning coordination responding to all levels and expectations, and with numerous navigating tools at your disposition : compass, GPS, raod book, maps …

A prepared assisting 4×4 (or more depending on the number of vehicules) and radios in each car to check on you with tips and for safety

An initiating and perfectioning 4×4 day

Develop or enhance your desert driving skills. Training is conducted on all types of terrain and offers crossings, navigation, and orientation with a final tour around Marrakesh to better appreciate the fantastic terrains it provides

Enjoy unrivaled knowledge of the territory from our top Evolution 2 professionals, to discover unusual routes and meet great people.

  Equipment : Your own vehicle or 4×4 rental (Mitsubishi Pajero V96, Pajero Sports, Toyota HDJ, …).

Raids and 4×4 tours for individuals

  We’ve designed raids of three days or more, meticulously planned routes with carefully selected accommodation, surprise halts & unexpected discoveries. Take the wheel; ride the dunes, explore the High Atlas & the stone deserts around Marrakesh. Discover villages hundreds of years old along millennial tracks, descend into the valley of roses…Design your own road movie!

 With family, friends or in small groups, our Evolution 2 professional will create unique tracks and off-piste routes to suit your tastes.

  Equipment : Your own vehicle or rent a 4×4 (Mitsubishi Pajero V96, Parejo Sports, Toyota HDJ, …).

Raids and 4×4 tours for profesionals

  Limitless territories with incredible landscapes, Morocco is THE Adventure and Incentive destination, the most accessible and the most exotic ! It is on this dreamed land for the wide-open spaces lovers and the ones keen of the sensation of freedom by piloting, that we invite you to live with your collaborators, clients an incredible human adventure. A 4×4 company raid federating and fascinating ! All together, but also in teams, an active expedition, where everyone participate, an itinerary that encounter local communities, but also the technique and adrenaline rush in a driving on tracks, crossing of sand dunes, orienteering with GPS and compass … A dynamic and uniting road trip perfect to bring together and create memories !
  In a Pure Incentive version, or as a Nomad Team building, creating on the path fun, cultural and physical challenges to spice up a little the challenges between the participants ! Challenges and schedule adaptable depending on your availabilities (from 3, 4, 5 days or more)

  Equipement and supervisory :  4×4 at your disposition (Mitsubishi Pajero V96, Pajero Sports, Toyota HDJ …). A profesional supervisory, an technical assitance 4X4, to live an incredible 4×4 raid experience in Morocco in complete safety and serenity !

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