Need to escape it all ?
Need some fresh air ?
To discover the world in a new way ?

Evolution2 can help you make your dream travel come true!

Our team of experts, passionate about adventure and discoveries are here to help you create, imagine and organise your dream travel expeditions all around the globe.

Ski on the slopes of the Etna volcano in Sicily, drive your own safari vehicle and get to know the Big Fives in Sub-Saharan Africa, cross the Baïkal Lake on snowmobile, heliski in the Rockies in Canada, organise a responsible travel and make an impact in South Africa, climb the roof of Africa in Tanzania… everything is possible! We can organise all of those exclusive and out of the ordinary experiences just for you, in complete exclusivity.

Thanks to our perfect knowledge of the various adventure territories and numerous contacts all around the world we are ready to make your dreams come true!

Our imagination knows no boundary, ask for the moon, and we’ll take you…

Travel memories all around the world

Botswana - Parc National Chobe - 2014
Canada - Montagnes Rocheuses - 2019
Marocco - Chegaga Desert - 2021.
Mongolie - Altaï - 2015
Namibie - Kaokoland - 2012
Siberia - Lake Baikal
Sicile - Etna - 2018
Sweden - Lapland - 2017
Tanzanie - Kilimanjaro - 2021
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