CSR Team Building:
Your corporation’s engagement for sustainable development

Would you like your corporation to be a part of something bigger?

In the face of the current global challenge, it is crucial for all to reinvent itself, to innovate and to work together for a brighter future.

In the corporate world, giving meaning to one’s actions has never been more important. The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) approach is a response to these new challenges (transparency, good practices…) by directly incorporating sustainable practices into the strategy and actions of a corporation.


We are all responsible for our actions on the planet, so it is crucial to involve your collaborators in wider socio-political space around common values for a brighter future.

What are the socio economic advantages
of a CSR Team Building ?

Reduction of poverty by diversifying the different sources of income for the local communities
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Respectful and authentic exchanges between the locals and the participants
Reinforcement and valorisation of the local sense of belonging

Evolutions2 Morocco is here to help you strengthen your CSR values by putting them in the heart of of your Team Building and incentive activities.

CSR Source of Income

Douar Boyard

Karavan Express


CSR Awareness Raising

Change The Work

Eco Digital Games

Go Green Challenge

CSR Achieve

Projets Solidaires


Evolution2 adopts ethical, authentic and unique approaches for all of its activities. Our Team Building and CSR activities are actively participating towards the development of local communities while respecting the environment.

Do not leave space for improvisation in the organising of your CSR event. Evolution 2 Morocco guarantees careful prior planning while always listening to your needs and interests! We are providing you with our expertise and knowledge of the area in order to create an unforgettable and impactful event.

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