Organise a entreprises teambuilding experience and skills. With Evolution 2, we master the organisation of professional events like Teambuildings. Asoutdoorspecialists, we have enough ressources to create and organise a Teambuilding in Moroccoc. Our professional and creative team will offer you original activities. Teambuilding exercices aim to motivate and create a strong bond between your collaborators. In order to reach this goal we choose some of the most exceptional locations everywhere in Morocco. We propose a real discovery option. Additionally, we propose to organise a ‘sur mesure’ teambuilding.

Trust Evolution 2 to organise a teambuilding in Morocco

Why organise a teambuilding ?

A dynamic event to strenghten teamwork and optimise your internal goals : as the fundamental goals of the organisation of games and activities in your firms’ seminars in Morocco.

A team of engaged and passionate specialists

Our team intervene all year, everywhere in Morocco, from the sea to the Atlas mountains and to the desert. We are here to listen to you to organise your entreprise’s teambuilding !

A professional ‘sur mesure’ event

We offer original, fun, and sportive solutions for your events, incentive seminars or teambuilding.Multi-activities challenges, GPS urban rallye, discovery rallye, adventure raid : a lot of exclusive and carefully made programmes eto make your team live incredible and out of the ordinary experiences !

Our partners

With a strong experience and skills in the creation of group and seminar teambuilding Evolution 2 developed strong bonds with some prestigious international hotel groups of Morocco: Club Med Marrakech, Agadir, Cabo Negro and the ACCOR group with in particular the Marrakech Pullman.

Our options

Organise a MOROCCAN WAY teambuilding

Medina Express

An innovative and explorative rallye in the heart of the local places (Medinas, Souks …) during which teams will have to challenge themselves with enigmas, clues to collect and GPS orienteering challenges in order to find before all the other teams the location of the final challenge !

  • ½ day
  • 20 to 200 participants
  • An original discovery with fun challenges perfect to reinforce teamwork

Berber Challenge

Berber Challenge

The ultimate Berber way challenges, in the garden of your hotel or in complete nature ! A serie of fun challenges suitable for everyone, under the Moroccan sun !

  • Outdoors (garden of an hotel, nature …)
  • ½ day or day
  • 20 to 50 participantss
  • A fun confrontation between teams during playful challenges all around tradition, culture and local products – Teambuilding available everywhere

Rock The Kasbah

Rock the Kasbah

A fun day Team Building in a magnificent Kasbah to encourage cohesion and teamwork. A real break in nature to communicate and bring closer collaborators in a very exclusive and different environment.

  • Kasbah in the Atlas (30min from Marrakech)
  • Day
  • 50 to 150 participants
  • Exclusive location for the group – Option of the Team Building (Berber Challenge or Survivor Challenge)


Survivor Challenge

Inspired from the famous extreme adventure TV Show, a multi-activity challenge during which participants divided in tribes will cnfrom eachother on challenges demanding teamwork, passion, spirit of fair-player and a strong will to have fun !

  • Outdoors (garden of an hotel, nature …)
  • ½ day or day
  • 20 to 500 participants
  • A competitive and dynamic teambuilding suitable for everyone, pedagogical use of tools and profesional techniques of adventure (ex : ARVA, Orienteering, rappel down …)

Outdoor Camp

Sportive nomad camps in placed on exclusive and wild locations with headquaters, restaurant, sanitary facilities … Departure point of a selection of team activities : VTT, Quad Bikes, kamel rides, 4×4 … Professional technical supervisory, everything is organised and coordinated until the presentation of the trophy.

  • In complete nature – Agafay Desert
  • Day
  • 40 to 200 participants
  • Unity of the location for a perfect team dynamic – A day out of time in exceptional sites with a careful and synchronised organisation

Heli Multi-Xperiences


Conception and organisation of a multitude of activities with helicopters (Heliski, Heli-Hiking, firstg flights …). Create from the event, your event ! Imagine all the possibilities that you have !
Board of directors, exceptional incentive, incredible prices …

  • Atlas mountains
  • ½ day or day
  • 4 to 60 participants
  • Perfect to make everyone remeber and make your guests live rare and exclusive moments !


Big Buggy Raid

An adventurous raid between palm grove and Djibilettes, north hills of Marrakech alternating between driving, challenge and discovery. Orienteering team challenge, crossing zone and tea break in a traditional local house.
This team building can be done in quad bike, buggy or both of them.

  • Marrakech and around – Agadir
  • ½ day or day
  • 20 to 80 participants
  • An experience of discovery of the driving technics and orienteering (road book, GPS, compass …) –
    A complete day between discovery, mechanics and diverse challenges

Atlas treasures in 4×4

Trésor de l'Atlas

A rallye of discovery in 4×4 (with or without driver) out of the usual tracks : explore the autheticity of Morocco in the heart of the mountains, with a road book : step by step, collect points, clues, and on your way find different challenges or workshops accompany your journey.

  • Marrakech and around
  • Day with or without lunch
  • Capacity : 20 to 300 participants
  • Ideal to share and discover the richness of an authentic Morocco – A 4×4 discovery of the hidden tracks of the Atlas mountains : a natural side of Morocco in exclusivity

Predator Buggy Rallye

Rallye d’Exception : Predator

An original experience where teams discover in driving a race Buggy with the racing feelings of a Raid Rallye. In the heart of the Agafay desert with arid hills and sand up oueds and the atlas mountains in landscape. Strong sensations and adrenaline rush garanteed !

  • Marrakech – Agafay
  • Day or ½ day
  • 2 to 40 participants
  • Drive a race vehicle coordinated by profesional drivers – A prestigious and unique activity in Africa – Profesional coach supervisors from the biggest international rallyes.



Pursuit Gaming


Go and discover a city, a medina… with your touchscreen tablets …
A real treasure hunt where a city becomes your playing board and where participants navigate from one point of interest to the other.
They have to take on a multitude of challenges, enigmas and other discoveries !

  • Everywhere in Morocco
  • From 45 minutes to 2 days
  • From 20 to 900 participants or more
  • Put in common different comptences, fulfill missions and challenges, collective debriefing

Escape Game


An intrigue like an Escape Game, focused on a suitcase, and the use of new technologies.
The participants have to use the tablets, social networks, and connected devises.
All in order to solve the police investigation like an Escape Game.

  • Adaptable everywhere
  • 90 minutes
  • From 20 to 900 participants
  • Strenghten teamwork, deal with stress, listen to eachother, collaborate, discover the digital (NFC, connected devises, social networks…)

Hotel Gaming


With their tablets and in teams, the participants go off to look for signs.
Each sign discovered permits to unlock a new challenge.
Solve enigmas, debriefing of everyones knowledge, making of original videos, the challenges go on until a rich and fun collective debriefing.

  • Adaptable evrywhere
  • ½ day
  • From 20 to 500 participants
  • Strenghten teamwork, listen to eachother, collaborate, debrief …


Kanoon Kitchen


A cooking workshop in a Berber country ! It is in the heart of the wonderful landscapes of the Atlas mountains and in complete nature that the Kanoon Kitchen is taking place, you will cook outdoors an authentic Tagine under the supervision of the ‘Dadas’, these Berber cooks will share with you the secrets of their traditional recipes.

  • Around Marrakech, in complete nature
  • ½ day or day
  • 20 to 100 participants
  • Fun and instructive activity – A tasty and exclusive experience – A priviledged moment of sharing for your teamswith the local communities



Either as a cooking challenge or activity, this is a discovery of the Moroccan gastronomy,its know-how and also its ability to welcome people are waiting for you in an exceptional location : in a secret Riad of the Medina or in the garden of a Palace in the palm grove. After making the traditional meal, the best moment, the tasting ! A colourful and tasty programme !

  • Riad, Palace, Gardens …
  • ½ day or day
  • 2 to 40 participants
  • A fun and instructive activity – An exclusive sensory experience – A gourmand and stimulating competition for your collaborators

Totem Attitude

Totem Attitude

Awake your inner tribal spirit by making in teams, one or numerous totems !this artistic Team Building is an excellent way to communicate the values of your firm. This activity is ideal to bond and highlight the ‘group dynamic’

  • Indoors or outdoors – Everywhere in Morocco
  • ½ day
  • From 20 to 500 participants
  • Value the individual and collective creativity – Strenghten team spirit as a team / a Company


Team Coaching

Boost your results and the motivation of your collaborators with a team coaching

In addition to your Team Building or during a seminar, we propose some Team Coaching sessions from a ½ day to 2 days duration. The sessions are supervised by a European Consultant certified and specialized in management and group performance dynamics.

  • ½ day to 2 days
  • Strenghten the bond in a team in order to collaborat more efficiently, handle internal dysfunctions and mobilise the individual talents to help the collective performance with these unique sessions in Morocco.

Videos and pictures report

Photos et Videos

Enhance your event and your communication with a video !

Create memories and keep alive the benefits of your seminar … are also a part of your goals !

From the conception to the realization we offer support from a photo and video profesionnal.

Attentive to your needs, we will find the best way to transmit your message in IMAGES by creating a ‘sur-mesure’ report of the best moments of your event !

The mastery of images to serve your project !