General sales and practical conditions

Practical conditions :

  • The participation to any activity requires a good health (particular cases, contact us), an appropriate equipment suitable for the chosen activities and the respect of all instructions given by the professionals.
  • The safety material given by the coordinators have to be worn at all times during the activity.
  • The participant cannot have consume alcohol or drugs before the activity, the organisation has the rights to exclude any participant that does not respect the safety instructions and/or conduct.
  • The participant must accept any selective challenge and pay close attention to the instructions given by the professionals before and during the activity.
  • The participant must be aware of the goal risks related to the nature of the sports or activity proposed. He accepts and assumes the risk. The supervisory by a professional cannot eliminate the risk of the goal.
  • The participant must present himself with a technical and clothing equipment appropriate to the activity.

Safety – Meteorological conditions :

The making of any programme depends on the professionals appreciation according the the meteorological conditions. The meteorological conditions are not in any wcase a cancellation or adjournment reason from the moment the activity is guaranteed by Evolution 2, no refund or report will be made.

Reservation, inscription and payment :

It is highly recommended to reserve your activities in advance. Inscriptions are made by phone or e-mail with our booking quarter. If you make a reservation with our booking quarter at least 15 days before your stay, you will only be able to pay by bank transfer (Swift) in order to confirm your booking. Your reservation becomes permanent after receiving your payment. With your inscription, you confirm that you have been informed and accepted our general sales conditions.

Cancellation :

For all pre-reserved day activity: :
  • D-48h: 50% of the total amount will be charged.
  • D-24h: 100% of the total amount will be charged.
For all pre-reserved overnight stays :
  • D-30d: 50% of the total amount will be charged.
  • D-15d: 100% of the total amount will be charged.
All interrupted or not used service because of a physical and/or technical insufficiency will not be refundable. In case of an impossibility to present yourself at the date and time organised, no matter the reason, no complaint will be accepted. No refunds in case of cessation of the activities because of an external event (bad weather, security reasons, ect…). The professionals have the right to modify, with or without advance notice, any programme depending on the meteorological conditions or safety reasons without any participants.

Insurance and responsibility :

The Evolution 2 structure has a professional civil responsibility insurance engaged in the unique case of a professional mistake recognised by a competent court.
  • The participant is not covered during the activities; he is invited to subscribe to an individual accident assistance insurance with the firm of his choice.
  • The participant must look after his and his collaborators safety.
  • The participant is responsible during an incident causing trouble to others (corporal and material damages), he must assume the costs and potential consequences.

Accident :

In case of accident, the professionals handle the safety and evacuation process until the arrival on the location of the competent structures. The evacuation, assistance, help and repatriation costs are under the responsibility of the participant.
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