The Predator X-18s is built for the dunes and has the track record to prove it! Learn to steer your own course, experience the thrill of piloting this ultra terrain vehicle through the majestic sand waves of the Saharan ocean.

Discovery Day

  • A ½ day or day piloting an exceptional race Buggy.
  • A piloting class supervised by professional pilotes of Raid Rally, at the doors of Marrakech in the heart of the Agafay desert !
  • Formation and piloting of the Predator X18s : Discovery of the Buggy, Briefing on the technical specificities of the piloting of this kind of Buggy and driving to adopt in a Raid Rallye.
  • At first you will take part as the copilote in order to oberve the kind of driving to adopt.
  • A discovery Raid : take part as the pilote, adjust the harness, push the ‘’START’’ button and that’s up to you !
  • Camp lodge lunch (day only)
Journée Découverte

From 1180 € per Buggy (2 persons)

Private Riad

  • From the Incredible sand dunes in Southern Morocco to the Atlantic beaches, our private Raids of 3 and 5 days allows the Rally Raid lovers to live the race sensations in complete safety.
    If you are amateur or very good pilote, our professional pilotes will supervise and advise you in a friendly and happy atmosphere.
    All competition stages are adressed : copiloting, reading of road book, utilisation of the terra trip, GPS navigation, piloting, dune crossing, bracking, acceleration …

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Raid privatif

From 6000 € per Buggy (2 persons)

Rallye raid

  • Desert raids & rallies offer a wide variety of competitive or friendly off-road events in the wild open expanses of the Sahara. Evolution 2 is committed to providing a seamless experience from pickup & transfer to this thrilling off-road experience and back. Let us handle the details and focus on the thrill of driving!
    We have chosen for you a reliable, street legal all terrain vehicle. Our Predator X-18s dune buggies are maintained and prepped on site by a highly qualified support team.
    Experienced desert pilots will take you through every step of your preparation: safety briefing, desert navigation, map reading & compass use.

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Rallye raid

From 7900 €

Bugga’One – AMAZING !

  • Reach the first place ! Rent a ‘’Bugga’One’’, winner in every category of the Africa Eco Race 2015. To all the pilotes keen of victories, first place, the ‘’Bugga’One’’, is the best vehicule of Raid Rallies and is available to rent for all the duration of the race. You just need to choose your race …
    The ‘’Bugga’One’’ one of the most uncommon vehicule capable of compete with the most performing race vehicules of the moment : The Peugeot Buggies, The Minis or even the Toyota Overdrive at a more affordable price.
  • If you are looking for an incredible adventure, contact us …
    • Engine : V8 Chevrolet of 6,1 developping more than 400CV
    • 5 rapport sequential gearbox
    • 8 Fox shock absorber
    • aero car body in kevlar-carbon
    • BF Goodrich competition pneumatic