ABC of Maroc

  • Carte MarocPopulation : 35 000 000 inhabitants
  • Surface : 710 850 km2
  • Capital: Rabat (670 000 inhabitants)
  • Principal town : Casablanca (4 000 000 inhabitants)
  • Languages: Classical Arabic – Berber – French – Spanish
  • Currency : The Dirham: 1€ = around 11 dirhams
  • Regime : Constitutional monarchy
  • Head of state : The King Mohamed VI

Practical informations:

Police :

For a stay of three months or under, a valid passeport is mendatory. The passeport must be valid until the return date (to verify for each traveller during his inscription, adult and children)

Health :

No vaccines are are mendatory to go to Morocco. Nevertheless, have all your mendatory and recommended vaccins in France is important.

Morocco, nature bigger than life !

Nature in Morocco is very present. Desert, mountains, valleys and sea: this country is perfect for the lovers of nature and has everything to offer !

Hikersof all levels will walk on the Moroccan mountains. From the top of the heights of the Rif, the cliffs going into the Mediterranean sea make this region such a magical place.

lakes full of trout are patiently waiting for fishing lovers. The sportive ones can take the challenge of the Middle and Hight- Atlas by foot, bike, paragliding, rock climbing, canyonning or doing some speleology. The summits can reach 4 000m. Ifrane, the small moroccan Switzerland, can surprise you with its fresh air during the summer and the snow in the winter and its typical “mule-ski” treks.

Nothing is more impossible to descried than a stay in the desert: let’s go to Ouarzazate Ouarzazate to discover its vastness and colours. The nights, preferred in a bivouac in the desert, in a shelter in the mountains or with the local communities are perfect to make incredible and unforgettable encounters. They are in the heart of the Moroccan identity such as the palm trees, the argan oil and the lavender honey.

In front of the Atlantic, the turquoise bay of Dakhla will mesmerize you ! You will see migratory birds and also some flamingos.

Everything is possible in Morocco !