World class overland flights to & from anywhere in Morocco for an intimate time away, an unforgettable family experience or a truly unique incentive.

Marrakesh from the sky

  • Enjoy Marrakesh from the sky, for as little as 20 minutes to an hour! Discover from above the immense Palmeraie and the High Atlas mountains.
  • Observation : price on the bases of 5 people

Starting from 120 €/person

Day return to Mazagan Beach & Gof Resort

  • One hour from Marrakesh, tee off on stunning stretch of Atlantic coastline designed by Gary Player, “an unforgettable and genuinely intelligent golf challenge”.
  • Observation : price on the bases of 5 people
Vol escale Golf à Mazagan

Starting from 685 €/person

Day return to Palmeraie Skoura

  • UAn extraordinary hour over the High Atlas mountains to the huge palm groves on the edge of the Sahara and landing at “Dar Ahlam” in the heart of the Skoura palm grove.
  • Observation : Price on the bases of 5 people
Vol escale Palmeraie de Skoura

Starting from 695 €/person

Travel the wide Sahara

  • Sample the perfect cocktail of private exploration, wide expanses and unforgettable sensations. Fly over the High Atlas, share lunch with the nomadic Touareg, camel ride along trade routes older than Rome or pilot an ultra terrain vehicle through the sand dunes of the Sahara. Experience the infinite sandscapes of the majestic Sahara with the Evo2 touch: reliability, exclusivity & authenticity.
Voyage dans le Grand Sud

The Heart of the Desert

  • Experience one of the 1001 nights under the million stars of the Sahara night in luxurious tented accomodation. Fly across the Atlas and the Sahara, land by your luxurious desert retreat to discover this amazing, unspoiled setting for an intimate experience, a unique moment or tailored outdoor events.
Le coeur du désert