Play between the dunes and the strength of the Sahara desert …
Plonge in this breathtaking walk between oued, small vegetation and wide-open spaces of ochre sand where only the dunes rule.

5 days itinerary :

Les dunes de l’Erg ChegagaDay 1: Oulad Driss – Oued Naam – 22km

  • Cross the Bertan erg, with dunes around 10m.
  • Bivouac close to the Naam oued – 5h45 walk

Day 2 : Oued Naam – Oued El Atach – 23km :

  • Desert plateau and suddenly the high dunes of the Erg Bougrann.
  • Bivouac at the Oued El Atach – 6h30 walk

Day 3 : Oued El Atach – El Bidliya Dunes – 17km :

  • Climb the most beautiful dunes, incredible view !
  • Bivouac close to the dunes of the Erg Bidliya – 4h30 walk

Day 4 : El Bidliya Dunes – El Rhouâl – 14km :

  • Moving on in the heart of the dunes, lunch in the shadow of tamaris.
  • Bivouac in the El Rhouâl dunes – 4h walk

Day 5 : El Rhouâl dunes – Sidi Abd en Nebi – 14km :

  • Ultimate dunes of the trek to climb…until the Sidi Abd en Nebi village – 3h30 walk

Aventure SaharienneTechnique :

  • Total distance : 90 km
  • Level : intermediate
  • Training : good stamina.

The team :

professional guides of the Imlil guide office

Meals :

fresh and healthy, elaborated by our cook: complete lunch and diners.

Equipement :

camels (1 for 2 people), water, snacks, first-aid kit

The environment…

The landscape is made of small and big dunes, sand plateau, oued surrounded by tamarix. Numerous oueds flow from the north, bringing a precious water to some ephemeral pastures.

We can observe acacia trees, tamarix with pink flowers, or the Jericho rose or the « resurection plant » which rolls from the small stone regs.

If you are lucky, you might encounter a fennec, golden jackal, the Barbary hyena or the small dorcas gazelle. Indeed, a shy personality, and for some, theaten of extinction, the desert mammals are difficult to observe.