Proceeding of the flight

Baptême de chute libre

  • Welcome of the students
  • 15 minutes of training (safety procedures, flight position, landing position, …)
  • Boarding of the plane
  • 15 minutes ascent to reach the 4000
  • Free fall at 20 km/h
  • Opening of the parachute at 1500 metres
  • Lesson on how to navigate the gliding for 10 to 15 minutes thanks to the doubles control reins integrated in our tandem parachute.
  • Gentle landing in front of your friends

For a maximum of memories

Video Option : You are filmed during your flight (departure from the aircraft, free fall, part under the sail) thanks to an high definition on-board camera..

Video option + Slide show : On top of your video, you’ll have a slide show of all the pictures also put on a musical background.